Movie for Spirituality

This project is on creating a multimedia movie, to educate spirituality from all religious teachings.

True knowledge is being in Reality & reality is we are Atma living inside the body, Let’s spread the message of Spirituality to bring equality among all.

Spreading the messages of Spiritual Awareness, Charitable service, and building Healthy Community. Serving humanity and developing people’s minds, attitudes, personalities & knowledge by spreading motivational, devotional, spiritual messages through different media like Short films, Documentary films & full-length films.

Supreme God told:
“He who, having a devotion to me, explains the supreme secret to My devotees, will reach to me without any doubt. And compared to him, There is no servant in this world dearer to Me.”

Than being a servant to Material thoughts let us be the servant of the Supreme soul because we are the Soul living in this body.
Let us learn & create together.

by VRZ Groups